chemical group

chemical group
(chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule
Syn: ↑group, ↑radical
Topics: ↑chemistry, ↑chemical science
Hypernyms: ↑unit, ↑building block
acyl, ↑acyl group, ↑alcohol group, ↑alcohol radical, ↑aldehyde group, ↑aldehyde radical, ↑alkyl, ↑alkyl group, ↑alkyl radical, ↑allyl, ↑allyl group, ↑allyl radical, ↑amino, ↑amino group, ↑amyl, ↑azido group, ↑azido radical, ↑azo group, ↑azo radical, ↑benzyl, ↑benzyl group, ↑benzyl radical, ↑benzoyl group, ↑benzoyl radical, ↑cacodyl, ↑cacodyl group, ↑cacodyl radical, ↑arsenic group, ↑carbonyl group, ↑carboxyl, ↑carboxyl group, ↑chromophore, ↑cyano group, ↑cyano radical, ↑cyanide group, ↑cyanide radical, ↑glyceryl, ↑hydrazo group, ↑hydrazo radical, ↑hydroxyl, ↑hydroxyl group, ↑hydroxyl radical, ↑ketone group, ↑methylene group, ↑methylene radical, ↑methylene, ↑propyl, ↑propyl group, ↑propyl radical, ↑butyl, ↑nitro group, ↑nitrite, ↑uranyl, ↑uranyl group, ↑uranyl radical, ↑vinyl, ↑vinyl group, ↑vinyl radical
Part Holonyms: ↑molecule

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